Vincent Vaude
Living Dead Dolls Series 5

Date of death: 10/31/1926 at 1:26pm

Cast - Vincent Vaude
Play - Series 5
Director - Ed Long & Damien Glonek
Scene - He dreamed of performing on the grand old stage
An amazing escape artist of a tender young age
So small Vincent Vaude locked himself in a trunk
By the time someone found him his body sure stunk

Name of Deceased - Vincent Vaude
Last Occupation - Escape Artist
Cause of Death - Suffocation

A black and white closed-casket version was randomly inserted into factory-sealed Series 5 cases. This doll was also released as a limited edition of 500 open-casket versions available only to members.

Product availability: Laid to rest
Original MSRP: $24.00
For ages 15 and up

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